I took part in an exhibition in Bialystok.

The exhibition was organized in Białystok – my hometown, in the Marszand gallery. The title of the exhibition was: Super Carbon Facies. All exhibited works were in black and white colours. There were three of my graphic made in rotogravure – aquatint and etching. I am very happy that I could be at the opening of the exhibition and meet friends and artists from Bialystok.

Information about the exhibition also appeared in the local newspaper:


Photos from the exhibition, which I found on the website http://www.poranny.pl 

My Etsy shop!

You can find some of my graphics and hand-made in my Etsy store. There are minimalist graphics to hang on the wall and hand-made bags. I made them and designed patterns on fabrics. You can view them by clicking on the picture below:

etsy screen


Triennial of Polish Contemporary Drawing in Lubaczów 2017

In the previous year, I had an opportunity to send my drawings for Triennial of Polish Contemporary Drawing in Lubaczów. I wasn’t able to win any prize, but it was a great privilege to take a part in the exhibition. Unfortunately, I wasn’t there in person, but on the Triennial website, I was able to find a few photos with my drawings!

You can find more on the website:


Photos of a catalog, which I got from Triennal.